Why do some fitting room mirrors make you look fabulous and others not-so fabulous?

Everyone remembers the old Seinfield episode where Elaine gets really upset because all the fitting room mirrors at the stores are “skinny” mirrors so she can never see how a dress actually fits on her.  She brings the dress home, only to find out it looks like a bag on her. You may have experienced this, or the exact opposite. The internet is full of fitting room mirror horror stories where shoppers are traumatized, walking out of stores feeling like they’ve gained 20 lbs.

“The fitting room mirrors had fired the first shots and I was wounded. Before I could try on the second pair of jeans, I had already decided that my skin was gross, my hair color was ugly, and that I needed to begin dieting immediately. “
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Our environment has a huge impact on the way we feel about ourselves. In a dressing room, factors such as lighting, music, cleanliness, and interactions with store employees,  affect how we feel. However, the most important factor is the fitting room mirror. It is a visual representation of how we see ourselves. The truth is, almost every mirror gives you distortion unless you buy a quality mirror with a strong frame.

The Skinny Mirror’s mission is to combat all those unflattering mirrors out there that make us feel unhappy about our bodies. Being unique and beautiful in our own way, The Skinny Mirror always compliments us. This helps you feel a little more confident about being you. Purchase any mirror off the shelf, and you may be leaving your body image (or your customers body image) at the mercy of physics and chance.

Fitting Room Mirrors

One of our main philosophies is to make the onlooker feel good. We never intend anyone to feel tricked or deceived in any way. This is the why we named our company “The Skinny Mirror”. If you think you might be looking in one of our mirrors, you can always check the bottom right corner for our Official Stamp. It is subtle but obvious if you know where to look.

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