24.0" x 68.0"

//24.0" x 68.0"

24″W x 68″H Large Metal Flattering Dressing Room Mirror

A perfect marriage of aluminum and wood accent, this sleek design will compliment you home, work, or business. Perfect for use as a flattering dressing room mirror solution. Choose from 50 colors. All of our mirrors contain the same precise curve across all our models to give you a consistent flattering reflection.

  • skinny-mirror-metal-MT-2468skinny-mirror-metal-MT-2468

    Strong As Steel 24x68

    Large Metal Dressing Room Mirror

    The Skinny Mirror Strong As Steel Collection comes in an array of colors to perfectly match your decor. Beautiful wood accent set in a sleek aluminum frame. Includes mounting hardware and instructions. This is the perfect large metal dressing room mirror to compliment your store and customers. Oversized shipping charges apply. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for shipping.
  • The Skinny Mirror Aura Color Silver GlowThe Skinny Mirror Aura 24 x 68 large slimming mirror

    The Aura Color Collection 24x68

    What color are you?

    The Skinny Mirror Aura Collection was created to compliment, strengthen, and intensify your aura. Being made of energy, your glowing aura color is a reflection of your personality - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. By understanding and strengthening your aura, you can strengthen relationships, make better career & life decisions, and improve health & well being. Energize yourself by matching your aura color every time you look in The Skinny Mirror. The Aura frame has a brushed texture with subtle flecks that capture and reflect light, intensifying depth and character to the frame color. Oversized shipping costs will be applied at checkout. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.