“Every woman should have one!”

“The Skinny Mirror is an amazing mirror! There’s something about the way it makes me feel. I’ve never seen anything like it! It definitely makes my clothes fit in a way that makes me feel sexy… Every woman should have one!”

Salma from Salinas, CA

“It makes me look amazing! I love it!”

“The Skinny Mirror has a sleek look and is super sturdy…The packaging is super cute, and it comes ready to hang! And most fabulous of all, it makes me look amazing! I love it!”

Torun from Norway

“It has inspired me to exercise regularly and eat better.”

“I absolutely adore my skinny mirror! It has inspired me to exercise regularly and eat better. I’ve already lost 5 pounds, and I’ve had it less than a month. I highly recommend the skinny mirror if you want to improve your self image.”

Wendy, Massage Therapist

“AMAZING Mirror!”

“AMAZING Mirror!!! I love that it doesn’t give you a unrealistic image of yourself! It just gives that extra help when getting dressed! I’m done with the cheap mirrors that add 10 pounds in all the wrong areas:(Oh, and made in USA!!!!)”

Michelle from Carmel, CA

“I love the way I look and feel in The Skinny Mirror.”

“I love the way I look and feel in The Skinny Mirror. Not only do I look good but the mirror looks good in my place ! It’s well worth the investment.”

Shelia from Las Vegas, NV

“Skinny Mirror has changed my life…”

“It’s possibly a little overly dramatic to say that my Skinny Mirror has changed my life, BUT, in a way, it has! And for the better! Since the mirror has gone up, my weight has gone down! Decided to get serious about this and changed diet, started walking more to work… Who would have thought a mirror that makes me look taller and slimmer would be a reality check? I LOVE my Skinny Mirror!”

Adrienne, Pet Therapist
The Skinny Mirror in Retail Stores

What is The Skinny Mirror®?

The Skinny Mirror offers a subtle and believable slimming reflection (5-10 lbs) that works on the psyche over time. It gives users the instant visual gratification of a “slimmer you” while educating that how you choose to feel about your body has nothing to do with your actual shape, size or weight.

Studies show that our self-image is directly tied to energy levels, feelings of competence, and ‘perceived’ attractiveness. Whether it be conscious or subconscious, you may be one of many struggling to live up to the media ideal that “thin” is beautiful  – The Skinny Mirror helps you combat that false ideal. See YOURSELF as beautiful and the world around you will agree.

The Skinny Mirror is successfully inspiring positive self-image in both the home and business.

The Skinny Mirror® patent pending design is quality crafted, providing you a clean and sturdy design which will last you a lifetime. Read more about us


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